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I’m mid-senior level Producer experienced in overseeing production from its initial concept and pitching through to final delivery. I have a high attention to detail, killer folder structures and enjoy the feeling of resolving a challenging problem. I know my way around most roles and feel confident setting up lights, picking up a camera or jumping into Premiere Pro.

I’ve worked on small and large-scale projects for local, interstate and international corporate film, TVC’s, short documentaries, short films, television pilots and social media campaigns. I also have experience in social media management being a project manager across branding, design and website development.

In my spare time, I like to dabble in landscape and food photography. 


Highly Commend Award / 'See Ability' at Focus on Ability Short Film Festival / Melbourne 2019 

CONTACT / Phone: +61 407 568 926
Brunswick East, VIC 3057

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