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Some people could say I'm too enthusiastic about pre-production, but I'll always put in the hard yards to make sure your project gets off to a strong start. I'm experienced in client management and communication, scoping out briefs and managing expectations based on budgets from the initial concept into post-production. 

  • Concept Development

  • Creative Pitching

  • Budgets/Quotes

  • Production Scheduling

  • Crew & Gear Hire (International & Domestic)

  • Location Permissions/Access

  • Travel & Logistics (International & Domestic)

  • Visas

  • Budget Tracking

  • Production Documents/Agreements


My professional experience on set comprises of roles such as Producer, 1st AD and Production Assistant. 


As producer, I am the main point of contact for the Director, crew members and the owner of the set location. My key responsibility is to oversee and ensure that the shoot goes as smoothly as possible through active problem identification and solving. This entails running the crew through the day’s tasks, identifying and communicating bathroom and water access points, carrying additional copies of production documents and always having a small first aid kit on hand. I take ownership of ensuring that the shoot stays on schedule and am the key driver of making up time if the shoot runs behind. I alert the crew to when a scene has ten minutes to wrap and ensure that the next scene, location or talent is prepared for filming prior to crew arrival. My daily responsibilities also entail setting up and breaking down gear, running lenses to the DOP, organising lunch/snacks/coffee, wrangling talent, ensuring release forms are signed and assisting with crowd control.



This is where the magic happens!


In previous job roles when post-production was busy it was always handy knowing how to use Premier Pro to help meet deadlines. I'm able to set up projects, folder structures, ingest footage, and collect external media. I have a decent knowledge of different digital file formats and codecs and capable of line editing, client feedback rounds, exporting and delivery.


Prior to going into post-production I'll collaborate with the client and create a post-production schedule with milestones like feedback rounds and deadlines. From this I'm able to manage staff availabilities, resources and liaise with contractors. I have a good understanding of digital workflows including editing, GFX, foreign supplied media, voice overs, music composition, colour grading and sound mixing. I communicate not only with the client but with finance/accounts departments on how the project is tracking according to the budget and any upcoming costs. I'm capable of making creative decisions in the edit when needed on behalf of the client or Director. As well as having a keen eye for detail on spelling, brand guidelines and names/job titles before a film is delivered to a client.​ 

  • Foreign Media Delivery Requirements

  • Sourcing Archival/Stock Vision and Licensing

  • Music Tracks, Composers, Contracts and Licensing

  • Processing Invoices

  • Receipts Tracking

  • srt/vtt files (English/Spanish/Mandarin)

  • Foreign Subtitling

  • Adstream and CAD submissions

  • Film Festival Submissions

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