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Please see a mock-up of how the In Newcastle Tonight Instagram feed. 

These posts will be duplicated across Facebook and Twitter. With Twitter also including production updates, witty tweets and relevant retweets. 

Tik Tok plan/example is still to come but thought some behind the scenes video content could be good. Or I have a few ideas for short clips while Nick is executing the No Gas All Breaks photos.

Summary list of assets needed

  • Promotional Poster/Image

  • 5 x All Gas No Brakes/Fish out of water photos

  • 1 x picture of a prop

  • 1 x group photo of cast/crew (doesn't have to be everyone)

  • 1 x photo of people on set (lots of gear in shot)

  • Minimum of 4 Stills from the show

  • Any promotional photos or stills we can use along with graphics.

  • 30sec trailer

  • 2 x 6-20sec clips

  • Logo/brand kit

  • Warning Labels

  • Byline

INT - Promotional poster with logo, day/time and where to watch.

Info about us & the charity we're working with 

Warning Labels from writers room.


All Gas No Brakes/Fish out of water photos of Nick. #InNewcastleTonight

Cast & crew pic. 

BTS photo

Picture of funny/meaningful/interesting looking Prop.

Premiere Date Announcement

Still from scene

Logo/premier date

 6-20sec clip from the show with bumper.

 6-20sec clip from the show with bumper.

Countdown to air date with a still from the show.

30second Trailer.

Mock-up of the In Newcastle Tonight Tik Tok account. 

This is more of our Tik Tok at the very beginning and as we upload episodes to Youtube we'll also go heavier on uploading segments and clips from our correspondents. Filling the gaps with fun tune in videos, Tik Tok trends/challenges/duets.

The street style interviews I understand are extra work on top of everything else going on. I thought you might be able to capture these on an iPhone while you're out taking the 'All Gas No Breaks' photos. Asking locals questions like 'Does the tomato sauce go in the fridge or cupboard?' or 'Is a hot dog a sandwich?' or 'What's your favourite place in Newcastle?' 

Summary List 

  • Street style Interviews. 

  • 2 x 15sec trailers (15seconds is the optimal video length for Tik Tok)

  • About us video - raw/authentic

  • 1 x Tik Tok trend

  • 1 x Tik Tok Challenge

  • 1 x Duet 

  • 2 x Segment uploads with where to view bumper on the end

  • 1 x Tune In (FUN)

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