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Impossible Planet 2.jpg

Impossible Planet by White Spark Pictures

Production House: White Spark Pictures
Status: Production

Format: 12 x 1hour Factual Series
Role: Production/Research Assistant

Our planet generates an incredible amount of natural phenomena. From luminescent, electric-blue waves crashing ashore to mysterious fairy circles as far as the eye can see, all are seemingly miraculous in their existence. Some can be reasonably explained, but others baffel even the most experienced of scientists. This series takes us on a journey around our vast planet to discover just how strange and unaccounted for our world can be. Welcome to our Impossible Planet.

Michelle IV frame Urban Nipple.png

Urban Nipple 

Production House: N/A
Status: Post-Production

Format: Short Documentary (10min)
Role: Director/Producer

Urban Nipple is a global project created by German artist Michelle Kometz. In a sit down interview with Michelle we discuss her artwork, online censorship, genderless nipples, feminism and the role technology plays in a modern free the nipple movement. #urbannipple @urbannipple   

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