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About: Clean Wave Project is a Not-for-profit located in Medewi, Bali, Indonesia and ran by the local community, along with the help of Joanna Pietka. Medewi has a great surfing beach where Joanna and her partner run an Eco Surf Lodge and currently hire locals to help run their business. This community would like a project to gather more like-minded people who want a sustainable future for their village which will result in cleaner environment for them and their kids, more tourists, surfers and business which will result in them having more job opportunities. They currently have limited people to help clean the beach of rubbish and Joanna and her partner have donated money so they can build a machine to chop organic waste into small pieces and sell it as a fertiliser. But this inspiring group of people are still looking for more to join! 

Brief: Create a logo like the 'inspiration' image below, it needs to be simple, with a clear message and look good on t-shirts. 

Notes: This included purchasing the correct copyright and licensing for this original design as well as fonts.




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